Listen to the experts and learn about their experience with Blinkers!

New Atlas

A couple of years ago, Swiss company Velohub took to Kickstarter to finance production of its Blinkers bicycle lighting system. This March, the product became available for regular purchase, and we recently got to try it out for ourselves. Our verdict? ...

The Gadgeteer

Blinkers have created a great light system that provides great lighting with the added functionality of both turn signals and a rear laser that helps create even more awareness directly around you. Their unique mounting system makes is easier to take them with you...

Electric Bike Report

Our review set were easy to fit. Firstly, you fully charge each light by using the USB connection to fully charge the inbuilt lithium-ion batteries. Next pair the lights with the handlebar control following the simple button pressing sequence in the instructions...

Droid Gamers

After two weeks with them we think this is a highly impressive product that borders on the essential for those who cycle every day – especially those who make journeys via two wheels in the dark. The previously mentioned “smart” aspect of Blinkers is the fact that they effectively....

Irish Tech News

Blinkers are not cheap, but given their unique functionality, they are certainly competitive with other lighting systems. Any safety-conscious cyclist will want to check out this fascinating development in bicycle lighting. [...] The lights feel solid, well built, and well sealed against the elements.

Bike Biz

Swiss start-up Velohub has launched smart lighting system Blinkers. You may have caught Blinkers in the UK at the London Bike Show’s ‘Innovation Lab’. The brand recently underwent a successful Kickstarter campaign has now released an updated version...