JULY 2017 - Indiegogo update

What’s up everybody? I hope you are all enjoying the summer! For the guys in the South Hemisphere, I hope winter is treating you well!

We thought it was time for an update about the production process! Not really big news, apart from the fact that we are still on track to meet the delivery in September 2017, probably by the end of the month.

What is happening with the molds for the plastic parts?

They are finished, finally! This was one of the most crucial parts for Blinkers: the most complex and most expensive process. Here you have some photos.


We are currently waiting to receive the samples of the first plastic injection, which is also very important. We will get them by the end of this week and we will make the final assembly tests: are the electronics fitting well? Does the optical screen fit with the snaps? Are Blinkers perfectly fitting in the mounts? If the tests are successful, we are ready for plastic injection!  However, it is possible that we will need to do some adjustments and reworks. But good news are that we already allocated some buffer time for these reworks.

And what about the electronics?

All electronic components have been ordered! The company who is manufacturing the electronics of Blinkers (in Switzerland) already placed the order for all the components about 2 months ago, but it has not received all of them yet. Some components had 12 weeks of lead time, so that is why we needed to order them so much in advance. But here, again, we are also on track and there are no delays so far! The only thing that we have not ordered yet are the electronic boards (PCBs). The design has been closed for 2 months now, but we are waiting for the plastic sample parts to arrive, before placing the final order. That happens next week, and we want to make sure that the PCB fits correctly on the plastic part.
Good thing about the PCBs is that we can produce them pretty fast without compromising the deadlines. SO! All good on the electronics side :).

Alright, and the assembly?

The assembly process only happens once the production of the plastics and the electronics are finished. BUT! We have already designed the whole assembly process. We visited the assembly factory in the north of Spain 3 weeks ago and we worked together with them, discussing the different assembly steps. Everything is clear now and ready to start!

Assembly facilities
Assembly facilities

A product like Blinkers needs a lot of certifications. What is the situation there? Yes… Blinkers have quite a number of features that make it complex, which needs to comply with a lot of international standards and certifications. This certifications are both expensive and time consuming, as you need to carry a lot of pre-tests before the official tests. But hey! We are also on the safe side here. We basically need to pass 6 major tests, from which 2 are already passed, and we are carrying 2 other tests this week ;). So, no worries here, we are on track!

So, delivery in September?

It looks like it so far! We are not experiencing any significant delays in any part of the supply chain. Unfortunately, we are still subject to manufacturer and delivery risks, so we can’t tell 100% sure… But we can assure you that we will do our best to meet delivery by the end of September, without compromising the quality or the durability of Blinkers ;).

Mmmh cool! What are you up to apart from that?

Well, many things! We are a small company you know… So everyday there is something new: a new problem, a new solution, a new thing to cheer, a new thing to cry, etc. But we are super excited because Blinkers is finally becoming a reality, and soon, we will see cyclists with Blinkers riding around cities! Apart from that, EUROBIKE Friedrichshafen is happening very very soon! It starts on the 29th of August, lasts for 4 days, and we will exhibit Blinkers next to the biggest cycling brands in the world! Reach out to us if you’d like to know more about it  Eurobike also organises a competition for new products in the cycling sector: the Eurobike Award. We applied, and we got into the final round!  More news to come here, and let’s hope they are good!

Have a good week!

The Blinkers Team

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