Blinkers – What’s going in September?

THE burning question will be answered, and Blinkers finally becomes reality.

Burning question: When will the Blinkers be delivered?

There’s a lot that comes together when producing a new product for the first time. After all the intense testing, modifying and the perfection of the final version of the Blinkers, we can finally publish the delivery date.

Even though we scheduled to deliver the Blinkers at the end of September, we need to have more patience. On the one hand, we worked out more improvements on the product as we want it really to be perfect for you and have more than satisfied customers. On the other hand, which is sad and we only wish the best to the affected people, the typhoon Hato which tipped across China, forced our suppliers to wait with the delivery of certain components. However, we will receive them within the next few days.

So, keep yourself prepared, the parcels will be going out from Spain in mid-October 2017!

You’re part of something big. The first Blinkers will go out and you are the first to know it. Therefore, we really appreciate your patience and thank you for being with us on our journey!

But what is the state of production? What is happening?

Let us explain it in 4 different sections: plastic injection, electronics, assembly and certifications.

  1. Plastic injection

The molds are going to be shipped to Santander (Spain) next week! They are now 99.9% finished, just 2-3 little modifications that need to be done before releasing them. Shipping takes about 2,5 weeks and after that, we are ready to start injecting the plastic and start getting the plastic parts of Blinkers.

  1. Electronics

All the components arrived at the factory in the middle of August, and we did the first assembly test of all the electronics components last week. Here you have the first 100 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) of Blinkers.

We are going to test them in the coming days, and after that we are ready to produce the first batch of PCBs, which will only take one week! Then, we will ship them to the assembly factory in Bilbao (Spain).

  1. Assembly

Where the magic happens! Where Blinkers becomes a bike light :). Everything is ready there! All the components (batteries, lasers, lenses, etc.) are already stored in the factory in Bilbao, waiting for the plastics and the PCBs to arrive.

  1. Certifications

All passed! Blinkers complies with all the standards of the European Union, and has the CE mark.


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