Blinkers – What’s going in September?

THE burning question will be answered, and Blinkers finally becomes reality.

Burning question: When will the Blinkers be delivered?

There’s a lot that comes together when producing a new product for the first time. After all the intense testing, modifying and the perfection of the final version of the Blinkers, we can finally publish the delivery date.

Even though we scheduled to deliver the Blinkers at the end of September, we need to have more patience. On the one hand, we worked out more improvements on the product as we want it really to be perfect for you and have...

JULY 2017 - Indiegogo update

What’s up everybody? I hope you are all enjoying the summer! For the guys in the South Hemisphere, I hope winter is treating you well!

We thought it was time for an update about the production process! Not really big news, apart from the fact that we are still on track to meet the delivery in September 2017, probably by the end of the month.

What is happening with the molds for the plastic parts?

They are finished, finally! This was one of the most crucial parts for Blinkers: the most complex and most expensive process....